Western Pacific Engravers was founded in 1981 on Granville Island in Vancouver, B.C. It has been our goal to Publish the Finest Quality Original Prints by Western Canada's Leading Artists.

Original prints should not be confused with "Limited Edition" reproduction prints which are reproductions of another work of art, usually a painting. All prints by Western Pacific Engravers are the Original Work of Art and there is no other facsimile or reproduction outside of the edition.

The Northwest Coast Native Art Collection introduced an exciting innovation in traditional intaglio prints.These prints were produced in 23kt Gold Leaf and Gold Foil, either Framed or Unframed.

This Collection is now being sold through leading Native Art stores and Galleries in B.C. and Alberta.

The Collection is presently representing works by Susan Point, Don Yeomans, Jody Wilson, Glen Rabena and William Firebird.

The Prints are available in either Gold Foil or 23kt Gold, they may be purchased in a stunning Brass frame, mounted on Foam Core or in a Poly bag.

Corporate or Organization Identification or Message below image on framed prints is available. Prices subject to size and length of message.

To order please email gimac@telus.net or jstibbard@telus.net


The Gravure Embossings by Western Pacific Engravers represent the highest quality Masterworks from the Artistic Heritage of the Native Peoples of the Pacific Northwest. These images reflect the continuing traditionof Man's search for spiritual identity in Nature.

Even the best designs are meaningless without the skills of the Master Craftsman and the use of the finest materials. Western Pacific Engravers and the Native Indian Artists of British Columbia have created a natural and exclusive collaboration to bring you these Collector's Masterpieces.

All Gravure Embossings by Western Pacific Engravers are Original and Limited Edition works of Art. A certificate of Registration accompanies each individual design.

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