Don Yeomans carving Haida chief's Talking Stick (Gallery of Tribal Art, Vancouver)Don Yeomans is a member of the Haida Ravens from Masset, B.C. His training in Northwest Coast Art began at an early age under the guidance of his aunt, well known carver and teacher Freda Diesing. In 1976, she encouraged Don to undertake more formal studies in the Fine Arts Programme at Vancouver Community College at Langara. Here through his exposure to many different artists and art styles, Don discovered new ways to enhance his concept of Native Art. Since that time Yeomans has worked with many Northwest Coast artists, including Bill Reid, Phil Janze, Gerry Marks and Robert Davidson, studying their styles, techniques and philosophies. The theme of Dons graphic designs often cross cultural lines, including those within the Northwest Coast art community. Although perhaps best known for his graphics, Don is also an accomplished carver of wood, ivory, argillite, silver and gold.



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