Wayne, master carver and printmaker, is a member of the Tlingit and Taltan Nations Raven Clan from the Xooxhitan House. His traditional name is Yaa Nda Kin Yell meaning 'Flying Raven'. He was raised on the Taku River in Northern B.C. In 1992, at a Tlingit gathering of elders, Wayne was presented with his carving knives, giving to him the responsibility to carve and study the art, stories, songs, regalia, dance and language of his nation.

Wayne worked full time with his teacher Dempsey Bob, a master carver. In 1993, he moved to Vancouver and began work at the Capilano Suspension Bridge Park. He has completed several major commissions including the Mary Capilano Memorial Pole, the Human Peace Pole and a pole depicting the legend of 'How the Raven Stole the Sun'. All of these are on display at Capilano. He continues to work on masks, spoons, regalia & prints. In his prints, he has captured the legends of his people.

Wayne represented North America at the International Carving Symposium in Liechtenstein. The symposium hosted aboriginal artists from Asia, Europe, Africa, and North and South America. The symposium's organizer chose Wayne personally after seeing his work at the Capilano Suspension Bridge Park in 1998.


Wayne’s newest image, Circle of Life, shows a brightly coloured spawning salmon The Salmon makes its way to the spawning grounds and its inevitable death after the laying of eggs, but on the final journey it feeds and sustains the bears and eagles that are depicted in the subtle, raised blind embossed images that encircle the Salmon.


A wonderful story of the relationship between the creatures of the sea and the Native Peoples all duly told and supplied with each print.


This image tells a story of two paddlers who rescued a wolf that had drifted far out to sea. A year later the grateful wolf protected the paddlers when they came upon an angry mother bear and her two cubs in the forest.

These two new Limited Edition prints are individually screened and blind-embossed. Each print comes with the artist's biography, with the written legend as illustrated in the print and a Certificate of Authenticity. Each print is signed and numbered.


Wayne's legend is included with the print and tells the story of the Frog, the Raven and the Otter during the Great Flood.

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